Vintage Porcelain Lamp Floral Vignettes by Artist Edith Holden

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This very pretty table lamp is adorned with the floral illustrations of famed British artist Edith Blackwell Holden (1871-1920). Made of porcelain in the palest yellow--almost cream--color, the lamp has a bit of Asian flair, molded in a four-sided tea caddy shape with fluted corners. The dark wood base carries the Asian theme a bit further with its footed Ming platform design. The reproductions of Edith Holden's watercolor paintings include, on the front of the lamp, a small brown bird, a warbler we think, nestled in flowers and foliage on a hillside. Each side has a single stem of flowers and there are flowers on either side of the top, with the back of the lamp left plain. A copy of Edith Holden's iconic signature is on the bottom edge of the right side. She was very influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement and her delightful, artistic signature shows it.

In 1906, Edith Holden completed a journal filled with her watercolor nature paintings and her thoughts as she walked the English countryside. She became famous when it was posthumously published to great success in 1977 as "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady." She died as she lived, gathering wild flowers along the Thames. Her body was later found floating in the river; it's believed she overbalanced trying to reach a specimen, fell in and drowned. We've included a photo portrait of her---an elegant Edwardian lady.

This lamp measures 21 inches tall to the top of the brass finial (included, as is the harp). The porcelain base is 7 inches tall and about 6 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The wooden base is 7 inches by 5 inches, with the lamp's weight 3 pounds 10 ounces. It's in excellent condition, but does not come with a shade. The one shown is for photo purposes only (it's too small---the shade is actually resting on the light bulb, not on the harp). The cord and plug is undamaged and in working order; the brass parts have darkened over the years, the one-way turn knob on the bulb socket (which has an older UL Listed label) works smoothly and it stayed lit for hours when tested.

Disclaimer: The vintage lamps we sell are all in working order when we ship them to you, but we do recommend that you have them checked out for long-term use by a licensed electrician, since we are not electrical experts.

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