Vintage Hammered Iron Plate by Well Known Designer Jan Barboglio

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  • Vintage item

Jan Barboglio was born in Coahuila, Mexico and grew up on her parents' ranch there. Her one-of-a-kind home designs reflect the rustic appeal of that culture. This handsome round plate
combines hammered iron with a band of gold applied to the rim. Forged in Mexico, this early piece exudes primitive elegance. Iron was the first medium Barboglio used in the 1990's, when she began offering her home décor at stores like Neiman Marcus.

The plate is in excellent condition, with a diameter of 7 inches and weighing about 9 ounces. On the back is a rectangle of iron branded with the Jan Barboglio stamp. There are also four small circles of protective felt. Designs by this artist are always high quality and very collectible.


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