Vintage Copper Wall Art, Hand Made in Valdivia, Chilean Huoso on Horseback

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This Chilean artwork from Valdivia was hand made from a repoussé sheet of copper, embossed with one of the national symbols of Chile, the huaso, astride his rearing horse. The skilled horseman wears a traditional chamonto, a reversible poncho; a chupalla, a flat topped straw hat and knee-high boots with espuelas (spurs with 4 inch rowels). Copper is the world's largest copper exporter and has the greatest reserves of copper, so copper art has naturally flourished there for many years.

This copper wall hanging is backed with wood and measures about 7 1/2 inches by 10 inches and weighs 9 ounces. There is a copper chain with infinity links for hanging and the piece is signed at the upper left "Chile" and "Valdivia." It's in very good condition, with a handsome, nicely darkened patina and a few pinpoint indentations shown in photograph # 7. It looks great on the wall, but can be propped on a shelf or easel. also.


PYH 4496