Vintage African Hand Painted Guineafowl Wooden Bowl

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This hand made wooden bowl from South Africa has two wonderful birds that are hand painted in a stylized, folk art manner. The birds are native to the area and are called helmeted guineafowl. We've included a photo of one; as you can see, their "helmets" are quite impressive and so are their speckled feathers and brilliant colors.

The bowl is made of a light colored wood with a slightly rough textured surface without a finish coat of varnish or lacquer. It's slightly oval, measuring 9 1/2 inches by 10 1/8 inches and it stands 3 1/4 inches high. The sides taper to a 3 inch diameter bottom, which sits nice and flat. In addition to the pair of fowl, it also has black scallops painted on the narrow, flat rim. with larger brown scallops on the underside. A design of concentric curved lines in black paint decorate the sides of the bowl opposite the birds. The bowl weighs about 3/4 pound and is in good condition, with the bottom having wear and smudges and dirt marks. The inside of the bowl is in better condition, fortunately, with just a few spots and smudges that are not objectionable. There are no cracks or chips. This African bowl displays well, alone or in a grouping. 

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