Texas Star Carved Ironwood Box

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This handsome box was handcrafted of desert ironwood, one of the top ten heaviest woods in the world. Created by local artisans at Earthview, a family-owned company founded in 1994 in Tucson, Arizona, the box features gorgeous, satiny wood grain highly polished both inside and out. There is a carved, raised 5 point star, aka the Texas star, on the lid. A curved, carved out handhold is on the front of the lid to lift it easily. The edges of both the lid and the bottom undulate in gentle curves. An accompanying information card explains that only naturally fallen ironwood trees may be used, as harvesting live trees is restricted.

Proving the point about desert ironwood's density, the box measures 4 1/2 inches tall, 6 inches across, 5 1/2 inches front to back and weighs a hefty 4 pounds. The interior features one compartment, lined with black cloth (removable), that measures 4 1/2 inches square and 3 inches deep. The sturdy brass hinges were made in Mexico by Fanal, a division of the company that makes Kwikset and Stanley, among other brands.

This box is in excellent condition, with minor wear to the outside of the brass hinges. What may appear to be chipping on the star and the raised circles around it is just part of the hand carving process and is not damage. It's a beautiful example of the woodworking art, made of a scarce, very difficult wood to carve.

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