Terracotta Sculpture of a Young Woman On Wood Stand

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  • Vintage item

This quirky, charming sculpture is made of terracotta clay, shaped as a flattened disk surmounted with the head of a winsome young woman. Her diminutive face is topped with flowing coils of hair, adorned with red flowers that work their way down the front. The glazes of grey and blue cascade down on the otherwise bare, granular clay. The sculpture is signed on the front "SAINT P.R." inscribed in the clay and Is permanently mounted on a dark mahogany rectangular stand. The weight is 2 1/4 pounds and the artwork stands 10 3/4 inches tall. It measures 7 inches across at the widest point on a base 4 inches by 2 1/4 inches that's felted on the bottom. It's in excellent condition; the artist left many small areas rough and unglazed, so on closer inspection, spots that look like chips appear to be intentional. It's a beguiling sculpture, large enough to stand on its own but can also fit nicely into a grouping of other artworks.

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