Tall Wood Sculptures Black Couple Hand Carved Signed Abner & Dated

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These substantial statues of a young black man and woman were carved from solid blocks of beautifully grained wood, possibly African mahogany. The date 1975 is incised on the bottom of each, along with the name Abner. We’ve seen several carved pieces by Abner but we don’t know if Abner is a first or last name and we’re unable to find further information on him or her.

This couple was, however, sculpted by a talented carver. The youthful male with his high forehead, curly hair and collared shirt is very handsome and the young female with her head scarf is very beautiful. He stands 13 ½ inches tall and she is 12 ½ inches. They each stand on a 4 inch oval base and weigh 2 pounds 6 ounces each.

Their condition is excellent; the male has an age split which begins on the left side of his head and continues down into the base. Someone has written in black on the bottom of the female “Mother’s Day 2002”—we cannot imagine doing that to a piece of art but there you are. Both pieces stand flat, but the male one is a little wobbly when you first set him down.

These 20th century sculptures are handsome accents in both traditional and modern interiors.

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