Sisters of Bethlehem Vintage French Statue of Mary and the Child Jesus

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This beautiful stone statue was hand made and hand painted by the nuns of the Little Sisters of the Monastery of Bethlehem of Mougères in Caux, France. The statue represents Mary and the Child Jesus, dressed in clothes embroidered in gold, carrying a water jug to their home in Nazareth. The nuns work in their studio, Atelier d'art de Bethléem, within the monastery that is located in the midst of the vineyards of Languedoc. Their work, which enables them to earn their daily bread, is characterized by a simplicity that reflects the quiet contemplation of their Carthusian order, creating pieces that are both modern and ageless. We've included a photograph of the monastery's facade in our photo #9.

Made of the mineral dolomite, the statue measures 8 1/4 inches tall, stands on a 3 1/2 inch long base and, being stone, is heavy for its size at 1 1/2 pounds. Mary's robe and hood are painted a pale greenish blue, while the Child's robe is a pale tan. The piece has a paper label on the bottom identifying the atelier and bears the symbol of the monastery, an eight-pointed star within a circle. It's in very good condition, with some rubbing of the paint on Mary's back the only issue we could find (shown in one of our photos.) This statue is at home in both traditional and modern settings and makes a wonderful gift, for yourself or someone dear.


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