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Norwegian Folk Art Vintage Rosemåled Wooden Plate

Rosemåled Wooden Plate, 14 Inch Rogaland/ Signed and Dated 1995 Norwegian Folk Art
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This beautifully hand painted round wooden plate is a lovely example of rosemåling. A traditional decorative folk art that originated in the rural areas of Norway in the 1700's, rosemåling has been called the result of a deep yearning for the colorful flowers and warmth of summer during the long dark winters, expressed through painting objects to brighten the home. There are many different styles of rosemåling; the artist used the Rogaland type here with vibrant results. In Rogaland, flowers are more dominant than leaves and scrolls; on this plate (or platter), four-petal flowers and red tulips are used. The design is symmetrical, the colors applied are opaque on a deep teal background and arrangements of dots and teardrops were used, all characteristics of the Rogaland style. It's finished with a bright red scalloped trim along the rim. The back of the plate is painted a solid brick red and is signed "Arlene '95" with a keyhole hanger in place at the top. 

The plate measures a bit over 14 inches in diameter, is 1/4 inch thick and weighs 1 1/4 pounds. It's in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or scratches. It was probably made by an American rosemåler, since the art has experienced renewed popularity here, revived by Norwegian-Americans starting in the 1950's. A vividly colorful piece of folk art like this platter enlivens any room, winter and summer.

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