Original Art Vintage Pair Haitian Paintings Signed Jacky - Seascapes in Sunset Colors

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This pair of Haitian paintings were done in acrylics on linen, tacked to handmade stretchers of rough wood and bursting with saturated color. Each measuring approximately 8 inches by 10 inches, they depict island life by the sea, replete with palm trees and flocks of birds in the brilliant skies. Since the 1940's, Haitian art has expanded from realism into schools of modern art such as impressionism, while artists still painted what they saw around them.

These paintings are in excellent condition, presented as found, unframed and retaining a fringed raw edge of the striped linen on one --shown in our photos and easily trimmed if you wish to do so. They are signed "Jacky" lower right in black on both, an artist unknown to us but obviously talented. Given the destruction of thousands of works of art in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we are fortunate that there is still Haitian art to be had and enjoyed.

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