Melon Basket With Deer Antler Handles

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  • Vintage item

This exceptional vintage melon basket has so many interesting details. The overarching handle is a three point deer antler, lashed onto the basket with leather strips. The vines are woven over 14 horizontal ribs. They're weathered and gray, interspersed with the pale tan color of the braided hemp. The antler handle of course is weathered and with its shades of grey and taupe contributes to the soft neutral effect of the basket. Each end of the basket is finished in a God's Eye design, There are two open handles, one on each side, so that the antler can remain decorative.

The basket is 17 inches long from end to end and 11 1/2 inches in width. The basket itself is 5 1/2 inches high at the center; including the antler it's a bit over 9 inches tall. All three tips of the antler extend over the rim of the basket. The pedicle (the bumpy spot where the antler grows from the deer's head) has been trimmed off, revealing the inner core.** It's a fairly heavy basket, weighing in at about 2 pounds.

This beautiful hand woven melon basket is in excellent condition; we did not find any breaks or missing pieces or stains. It's a handsome centerpiece and looks wonderful on a shelf or atop a cupboard.

**To quote "Eighteenth century French naturalist Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon insisted that antlers were made of wood. Quite how de Buffon considered a wooden structure became attached to a deer’s head is something of a mystery, but cast {meaning discarded} antlers do possess a distinct similarity to wood, in terms of texture and weight."


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