Hand Made Beaded Lidded Basket Box - Indonesian Wedding Gift

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This hand made beaded basket from the island of Sumatra is a work of art. Exactingly constructed of woven bamboo, the square box is covered with tiny glass beads in red, green and dark blue. The lid of the box, which fits perfectly, is decorated with four-petaled flowers, while the bottom has a diamond pattern encircling it. The designs on both top and bottom are edged in tiny seashells that were painstakingly sewn on. Three beaded tassels on each side of the bottom complete the decorations. The box is so covered with beads, it's only at the bottom and in the interior that we see the bare wood.

These baskets were often used as wedding boxes, filled with presents and presented to newly married couples. Since that practice is not longer in fashion, the boxes are now used as décor. This example measures 3 inches square and stands about 4 inches tall. It's in exceptional condition, every bead and shell intact and the the bamboo tight. Other than a minor amount of wear to the bottom over the years, it is almost like new and displays beautifully.

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