Egyptian Stone Statue of Lady With Hieroglyphs

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This tawny stone sculpture is the image of a lady of ancient Egypt, complete with incised hieroglyphic writing. It was probably made for a souvenir, possibly from a museum. The woman is standing against a column that is part of the plinth under her bare feet. She is wearing a wrap skirt composed of very narrow pleats. Her braided hair (or wig) reaches down past her decorative, multi-strand collar almost to her bare breasts, the left one of which is broken off. Her nose is in the same condition. This was possibly done at the time the figurine was created to authentically replicate the original, larger sculpture.

The hieroglyphs on the column appear to be authentic ones used in ancient Egypt, but since we do not translate hieroglyphic writing, we'll leave that to the experts. We do see a scarab and two falcons, but that's the extent of our knowledge.

This statue is 12 inches tall on a base 2 1/4 inches square and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. There is wear that includes a small chunk out of her right breast; hairline cracks, none of which affects the sturdiness of the figure, and many small nicks in the stone. It's a fascinating piece for the admirer of ancient Egypt.


PYH 4638