Belted Kingfisher Bird Carving Signed and Dated 1990

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  • Vintage item

The belted kingfisher is a large, colorful bird, blue grey with white spotting on the wings and tail. The female, like this carving, has a broad, rust colored band on her belly. She's is almost life-size at 10 1/2 inches long (the real kingfishers run about 11 to 13 inches). Nicely carved with raised tail feathers, the bird is folky, with a longer beak, her belly band more red than rust and a taller, exaggerated crest. She's perched on a wood rod that is firmly mounted into an elongated piece of weathered wood. The bird itself is about 6 inches tall, with the overall height 10 1/2 inches. The wood base is 12 1/2 inches long and the piece weighs about one pound. Hand signed on the bottom by Ohio carver Thomas W. Miller, who dated it 1990 and identified it as BELTED KINGFISHER, it's both decorative and collectible.


PYH 4940