John K. Dellow, Australia, Beehive Shape Stoneware Miniature Bottle

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  • Vintage item

This beautiful alkaline glazed, wood fired stoneware bottle vase was hand thrown by Australian John K. Dellow, studio potter at his Blue Mountains Pottery in The Gold Coast, Queensland. Having apprenticed with Richard Brooks, a potter trained by David Leach, as well as working two years for noted ceramic sculptor Vladimir Tichy, he set up his pottery in 1979 in Katoomba, moving to The Gold Coast in 1985. While he has produced large urns, such as the one he's working on in the black and white photo, he also has produced much smaller stoneware pieces, this 4 inch tall bottle an excellent example.

Potters will tell you that the challenge of a hand thrown mini piece of pottery is getting a good looking form in proportion to similar but larger ones. In this case, the shape begins at the narrow neck with a rolled lip and bellies out to curve just slightly down to the round base---a handsome beehive body. Dellow's fingertip marks are evident, making concentric grooves that are lined and splotched with black over the shiny brown alkaline glaze. The bottom is dry, revealing the stoneware clay, and is painted with Dellow's initials : JKD.

Measuring 4 inches tall with a 9 inch circumference around the belly, a 2 1/2 inch diameter base and a 3/4 inch diameter mouth, this perfect piece weighs a mere 6 ounces. It's in pristine condition with virtually no wear. It's a find that will fit into any space and every collection of studio pottery.


PYH 4688