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About Us

About Primping Your Home
Primping Your Home is all about the fun…the serious…the unusual...the unique…the decorative.

Decorating your home is a great adventure and we believe your purchases should reflect your good taste and the satisfaction you feel when you love your décor. We've always searched out items that add that special accent to your home and are often one of a kind.

We have been buying and selling antiques, collectibles and vintage décor since the 1970's. Now that we've retired from running our retail shops, we are offering our finds exclusively online.

If you’re a collector, we have vintage, collectible and antique items to add to those collections. We do a tremendous amount of research to ensure our descriptions are informative and accurate to the best of our knowledge. We always describe any wear on our items; even if it's something like a small amount of rubbing on the finish or a tiny chip, we mention it and picture it. You can be confident that you'll receive the item you order in the condition we picture and describe.

WE DEFINE AN ANTIQUE as an item 100 years old or more. Only items that old make it into our  "Antiques" category. Everything else we sell is vintage, typically 20 years old or more. 
To make shopping here easy and enjoyable, we offer free economy U.S. shipping on every item and offer international shipping worldwide as well. PLEASE READ OUR POLICY INFORMATION and let us know if you have any questions about our policies or any of our items.

Please stop back to visit regularly. We're always adding new things to love.

Enjoy primping your home!
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Thanks and smiles,  Wayne & Linda Henrich