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West German Vase Dümler and Breiden Pottery 1950s Sgraffito 103/18

West German Vase Dümler and Breiden Pottery 1950s Sgraffito 103/18

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This very organic, modernist West German Pottery vase was made by Dümler & Breiden in the 1950's. The company began in 1883 in the Höhr-Grenzhausen region of Germany, producing a vast variety of styles until they closed in 1992. They were one of West Germany's preeminent ceramic firms during the decades of the 1950's and 1960's. Like some other German companies, they chose to mark their pieces with "Germany" even during the years that Germany was divided into two separate states. Thus, you will see wares made by certain companies that are identified as West German pottery but are marked with "Germany" as the country of origin.

This vase has the strong emphasis on form, the combination of different surfaces and textures, the neutral earth tones and the sgraffito decoration that characterize many of the 1950's D & B pieces. It's in an inverted hourglass shape; the upper half of the exterior has ombre striations of brown, while the lower half has two bands of chocolate brown divided by a band of sgraffito curlicues and geometric indentations. The exterior finish is rough to the touch, almost sandpapery, and very low gloss. The interior, by contrast, is very smooth with a high gloss, dark brown finish. The base is unglazed, revealing the slightly off white clay it was formed from. The marks are typical: two impressed numbers of very specific typeface, the top one, 103, denoting the shape number and the bottom one denoting the height, in this case 18 centimeters or 7 inches. GERMANY is impressed in block capitals.

The height of the vase, as we stated, is 7 inches and the mouth is 4 inches across while the round base is 2 3/4 inches in diameter. This vase is in such exceptional condition that it's almost as if it were wrapped in tissue paper and left in a drawer for decades.


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