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Antique Stoneware Alkaline Glazed Storage Jar

Antique Stoneware Alkaline Glazed Storage Jar

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This tall, heavy ovoid storage jar dates from the second quarter to the middle of the 19th century. Made of the reddish stoneware clay abundant in the Southern states, this utilitarian hand made pottery piece stands 15 inches tall, measures 8 inches across the mouth and base and has a circumference of 29 1/2 inches around the swelling shoulder. It weighs an impressive 12 1/2 pounds and holds 3 liquid gallons (estimated, not measured).

This jar features a 1 1/2 inch high flared flange with a flat rim and an inner ledge designed to accommodate a lid. The shoulder is encircled by a tooled line and there is an applied lug handle on either side, pressed down at each end with the potter's thumb. The slightly flared foot completes the graceful shape. The interior is glazed with a dark brown slip; only the bottom of the piece was left dry, exposing the color of the clay. The high gloss glaze that resulted in a gorgeous russet brown is, of course, the star and makes this eye catching jar a standout.

It is tempting to call this Edgefield Pottery, founded around 1810 in South Carolina, since it has the characteristics of the stoneware made there. However, the techniques used to produce these pieces migrated to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, so we are calling this beautiful jar simply "Southern pottery." The one pound can of beans gives an idea of the size of this piece (and the can is not included.)

This jar displays the wear from its use. There is a stable hairline on the rim; one of the handles has a chunk out of it and there is the typical chipping along the bottom edge. There is a large kiln pop in the glaze on either side and several smaller ones scattered about, along with some pinholes. The upper rim is bumpy in one spot, done during potting, and the brown glaze on it is worn. Remnants of the grain that was stored in it are still clinging to the inside bottom and sides. All of this is shown in our photographs. This old stoneware storage jar displays handsomely, wearing its 170 years proudly.

>>>This is a jar, not a crock; its top diameter is smaller than its waist, whereas a crock's top is the same size as its waist, regardless of the size of its base.


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