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Antique English Brass Push-up Candlesticks - King of Diamonds

Antique English Brass Push-up Candlesticks - King of Diamonds

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In 1897, James Clews and Sons of Birmingham, England, designed a series of brass candlesticks to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, honoring her 60 years on the throne. The candlesticks were made in three graduated sizes: Queen, King and Ace, the largest. Sometime after Queen Victoria died in 1901, two smaller ‘diamond’ sets were made, the Prince and Princess.

This elegant antique brass pair is the 'King of Diamonds,' each one 12 inches tall and each weighing 2 pounds, 6 ounces. (If you've ever wondered how a mere candlestick could be a weapon in the game of "Clue," the size and weight of each of these confirms that idea.) The 4 1/2 inch square bases with angled corners are stamped on one side: THE KING OF DIAMONDS (note that each name is clearly stamped in a straight line, not crooked or difficult to read.)*

These handsome sticks are in excellent original condition; they sit tall and straight and flat on every surface. The ejector rods, aka push-ups, are still present and complete under each base. They allow the stub of a candle to pushed out of the candle cup, rather than having to dig it out. The candle cups measure 7/8 of an inch across; they're clean and ready to use.

Imposing in any setting, these beautiful English candlesticks are highly decorative both with and without candles.

* From an article on the website titled 'Diamond Candlesticks': "Each candlestick has the name stamped on the base. Presumably this would have been done on final inspection but the stamps are sometimes at an angle that does not show full pride in a top quality product!"

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