Valley of the Moon Pottery - Fish Decor on Blue Vase

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  • Vintage item

This hand made, hand painted vase was designed and created by husband and wife team Caryn Fried and Wayne Reynolds at their Valley of the Moon Pottery Studio. It's located in the Valley of the Moon area in Sonoma wine country, at their North Eagle Christmas Tree Farm, where they create and sell their pottery that's nationally known.

This vase with its flared rim and glossy finish has a school of fish, large and small, swimming merrily against the blue and cream waves. As you turn the vase, each view is different: larger and smaller fish, more or less dark blue waves. It's high fired pottery, thrown on a potter's wheel, with the interior also given the finish to seal it, so fresh flowers can be used. The bottom is dry, where the North Eagle name is hand signed in brown. Each of North Eagle's pieces are individually made, one at a time.

The vase is 8 3/4 inches tall, 5 inches rim to rim at the mouth and has a 3 inch diameter base. It weighs just over 3 pounds, sturdy and untippable, and is in pristine condition. It's a lovely display piece that's also practical and useful.


PYH 5014