Mexican Pottery Mask Vintage Hand Painted Folk Art
Mexican Pottery Mask Vintage Hand Painted Folk Art

Mexican Pottery Mask Vintage Hand Painted Folk Art

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This beautifully painted red clay mask is so evocative of the culture and art of Mexico. From the two prominent jack rabbits at the top (check out those ears!) to the barefoot campesinos with their white sombreros, the imagery is colorful and charming. Painted in traditional colors, there are flowers galore, a night sky full of stars and a face with holes for the eyes and mouth. The facial features are molded and raised from the surface. The curvature of the mask gives it a pleasing three dimensional effect on the wall. 

This mask measures 8 inches from top to bottom, 6 1/2 inches side to side and projects from the wall about 2 inches. It weighs only about 12 ounces, easily mounted on most walls. There are two holes above the eyes for a hanging wire, strip of leather, ribbon, etc. At present, there's a piece of white cotton string, knotted at the back, probably not very sturdy or aesthetically pleasing, but definitely "as found." Naturally, the mask can alternatively be propped on a shelf or display stand. 

Both the paint and the body of the mask are in excellent condition. As you can see in the photos, there is a small chunk missing at the top, done during the molding of the clay, since it was then painted and covered with the clear top glaze. There are no cracks, chips or wear to the paint. This Mexican folk art mask adds that great South of the Border flavor to your home.

NOTE: White spot are only the reflections of light on the clear glaze. 

© Linda Henrich

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