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A gorgeous bowl made in Limoges, France and then hand painted in Chicago, Illinois, this antique china dish is a cherished cabinet piece from the early 1900's. The bowl is decorated with the sinuous, organic lines and the natural flowers of the Art Nouveau period. The colors are pink, magenta and green against the white china, accented with gilding in the center, on the rim and in tendrils radiating outward.

There are two backstamps; one is the printed underglaze green "LIMOGES FRANCE," known to collectors as Limoges,France Mark 6, identifying that the company that made the blank was located in Limoges. The other mark is the light brown decal of the Pickard Studios; it reads "HANDPAINTED CHINA, W A PICKARD." This is mark #4, 9/16 of an inch in diameter, used during the years 1903-1905 at the carriage barn studio in Chicago.

Wilder A. Pickard (1857-1939) started the firm in Edgerton, Wisconsin in 1893, and then moved the company to Chicago in 1895. Employing skilled artists to paint blanks from companies in Limoges, Bavaria, and elsewhere, they were a decorating studio only for many years, celebrated for their exquisite patterns.

This bowl is 8 3/4 inches across and 1 3/4 inches high and weighs about 1 pound. It's in very good condition, with slight wear to the foot rim and the gold edge, and minute scratches to the gilded center (shown in our photos, especially visible when using the zoom feature.) This antique piece of French china will continue to be an heirloom and a decorative delight.

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