Early Boyds Decoy Number 146 - Swan Wood Carving by Gary Lowenthal

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Gary Lowenthal and his wife Tina moved to Boyd, Maryland, in 1979 and in 1982 began making their hugely successful line of wooden decoys. Designed by Gary and hand painted by the couple, the decoys were available in sizes ranging from three feet long down to 9 inches, which is the length of this trumpeter swan. (The Lowenthals went on to found their famous company Boyds Bears.)

The average length of a trumpeter swan is 4.9 feet, which makes this 9 inch long carving about 1/7 the size of the real bird. The white paint was thinly applied and distressed for their “folksy with attitude” look. It has glass eyes, measures 4 ½ inches to the top of its head and weighs 14 ounces. It's hand signed on the unpainted, dark wood bottom “resting swan g. lowenthal” and numbered 146. This is one of the very early decoys; later ones were marked “The Boyds Collection” and signed by company artists. It's in excellent condition and the perfect size to perch on a shelf or table and can also be paired with a collection or decorative grouping.

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