Carved Wooden Canada Goose by Jennings Decoy Co

Canada goose Goose Decoy Jennings Decoy Minnesota Saint Cloud Wooden Decoy

This hand painted Canada goose is a decorative carving from Jennings Decoy Company in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. About 1/3 as long as an actual Canada Goose, it measures 12 inches in length, 5 1/2 inches in height to the top of the head and 4 inches across the breast. Weighing one pound, the solid body is made of basswood and has small brown inset eyes.

The goose is marked with the Jennings Decoy Company logo, burned into the unpainted wood on the bottom. The signature of the artist, C. Kull, is handwritten in black along with "Canada Goose." This was a special decoy, as it was a Safety Award given to an employee of the Gemstone Company. The goose still retains its original hangtag on a gold cord around its neck, with more information. It's in very good condition. with a 3/4 inch scratch on the black tail and a smaller one on the side of the head the only signs of wear. (These could be touched up if you wanted to do so.) This is a handsome bird for display, alone or in a collection.


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