Rosemaled Fireplace Bellows Made In Norway
ll front view - Rosemåled Vintage Fireplace Bellows Made In Norway

Rosemåled Vintage Fireplace Bellows Made In Norway

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These beautifully hand painted wooden fireplace bellows were made in Bergen, Norway by Haus Selvhjelpskontor. This company was started in 1911 and made household items until 1974, when they were reorganized and renamed Norsk Husflid Engros. The green and gold foil label on the back of the bellows dates them between those years. 

The bellows were decorated with the Hallingdal style of rosemåling, named for the Halling Valley in Norway. Rosemåling has been called the result of a deep yearning for the colorful flowers and warmth of summer expressed through painting objects to brighten the home. The flowers and scrolls are painted on the front in green, yellow, black and white on a flat peachy rust background. It's piped along the edges in green and white; the reverse side, flat to sit flush against the wall and having a hole for air flow, is plain, not rosemåled. The artist signed his initials A.F. at the bottom right of the central painted design, which can be seen in several of our photos.

The tan leather bellows, while having a bit of roughness and some surface cracking, are still flexible and able to work as they should to push the air through. The copper nozzle. seamed and soldered at the back, is in good condition, as are the brass tacks in a double row across the front. The paint is in excellent condition and the wood has no cracks or breaks.

This pair of bellows are 19 1/2 inches long, 7 1/2 inches across at the widest point and project about 1 1/2 inches from the wall. They weigh a little over a pound and have a hanging hole on the back; you can just pop that on a nail or screw or add a leather thong to hang it on--your choice. Whether hanging on the wall or propped on the hearth, it is a handsome and useful piece of Norwegian folk art. 

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