Wooden XL Coffee Grinder Made in Vermont
Wooden XL Coffee Grinder Made in Vermont Their products were marked

Wooden XL Coffee Grinder Made in Vermont

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This impressively large coffee grinder is made of warm brown pine with a cast iron grinding mechanism. Decorating the drawer front is a hand wrought iron pull ring with a heart shaped backplate. The iron cover on top over the grinder, the iron turn handle and the carrying handle are intricately detailed. The drawer is dovetailed at the back corners. As far as we can tell, everything is original, including the foil label on the bottom which reads: KENNEDY BROS., INC. VERGENNES, VERMONT.

This hand cranked coffee mill is from the Kennedy Brothers Gift and Furniture Store, started by brothers Paul and John F. Kennedy. They began making doors and other wooden construction components in the 1930's, using their garage as their factory. They turned to making hand made wooden items like bowls, trivets and candlesticks on their lathe in a workshop and store they opened in 1937. Their products were marked "Green Mountain Wood Crafters, Bristol, Vermont." The Kennedy's advertised them as "...our own famous Tableware, known throughout the trade as the finest in the world." Many of these items still turn up for sale today.

The Kennedy Brothers relocated to Vergennes, Vermont in 1960. Tourists came to buy their woodenware and to watch it being made. Eventually, the wood products were no longer made, but the old building is still called Kennedy Brothers Factory Marketplace, with multi-use office and retail spaces.

This grinder is in very good condition. There are small dents in the wood (pine is soft) but it has aged attractively. The grinding mechanism turns very well but does have touches of rust (photograph #3, we've left this up to you to remove or not. The drawer slides smoothly and sits flush when closed. The piece weighs a substantial 7 pounds and measures 10 inches wide, 10 inches front to back and 14 inches to the wooden knob on the handle (the base itself its 8 inches high). If you've been looking for an eye-catching coffee grinder that makes a statement, this is definitely the one.

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