Women at the Tomb of Christ Print - Latin Inscriptions, Gilded Frame

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This glowing print illustrates the Angel, standing in the opening of the empty tomb where Jesus was buried, telling the women gathered there of his resurrection. Fra Angelico, a fifteenth century Italian painter, created the original painting on one of the wooden panels of the Armadio degli Argenti, a massive silver chest commissioned by Piero de' Medici.* The scene is bordered with Latin words on golden scrolls. At the top: RESUREXI ET ADHUC TECUM SUM. (I got up again and I am still with you.) PS CXXXVII (138 in Roman numerals, the PS may stand for Psalm). At the bottom: IHESUM QUERITIS NASSARENUM SURREXIT NON E HIC (Is it not so with Jesus between them arose? This man you seek? Nazorean.) The term "Nazorean" means a person from Nazareth and it comes from the Gospel of Matthew, one of the books in the Christian Bible.

When we removed the torn dust paper on the back, we found a paper label (shown in our photo) that was hand written in ink and reads in Italian: Firenze (Florence, Italy) Maria Angelico (Angelic Mary) Maria al sepolcro (Mary at the Sepulchre). We photographed it before our framer replaced the paper and the rusty hanging wire. Above and below the scrolls are borders of metallic gold. The wood frame is gilded, with a carved outer frame and a raised inner frame inlaid with 26 painted Greek crosses. The overall effect is quite beautiful.

The framed dimensions are 8 3/4 inches by 9 3/4 inches by 1 inch. The sight size is 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches and the piece weighs 14 ounces. There is a small triangular metal hanger at the top which can be used instead of the hanging wire if you prefer. The icon and frame are both in excellent condition, ready to grace your home.

*The panels are now in the Museo Nazionale di San Marco in Florence.

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