Woman In Chemise and Braids - Grogged Brown Clay Sculpture

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A captivating sculpture of a woman with braids in her hair, this artwork is highly detailed and masterfully created. The heavy brown clay has a high grog content which gives it its gritty, rustic texture called "tooth." Grog, also known as chamotte, is clay that has been fired hard, then ground up. Mixed with other clay, grog is favored by sculptors because it holds its shape much better and aids in even drying, which prevents cracking. The white and beige flecks in the dark brown clay are the natural result of a mixture of clays.

The fetching woman portrayed is wearing a gauzy chemise of the type popular in the late Victorian and Edwardian years (presumably, she has on bloomers---we'll never know). Two birds that look like doves have alighted on her, one perched on her shoulder and one on her left arm. Her hair, in thick braided rows, is swept back away from her face, which has a thoughtful, dreamy expression. The curves of her body, both front and back, were explicitly sculpted and the birds even have tiny feathers on their tails.

The sculpture stands about 11 inches tall, measures about 5 inches across the shoulders and has an irregular base approximately 4 inches by 5 inches, which is covered with old green felt, quite worn. It's heavy for its size, weighing a bit over 6 pounds. In excellent condition, it displays handsomely, with no damage or wear, just eternal beauty.

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