Vintage Mark Nafziger Studio Pottery Lidded Jar

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This beautifully glazed large lidded jar was created by the eminent Mark Nafziger of Brush Creek Pottery in Archbold, Ohio. Since 1981, Mark has been the Resident Potter at Historic Sauder Village in Archbold, creating functional pottery and one of a kind pieces like this large covered crock. From the shapely hand thrown stoneware form with gently swelling body to the snugly fitting lid with its oversized round knob, this jar is the work of a dedicated, expert potter whose works are distinctive and easily recognizable.

The incredibly detailed glazes elevate the pot further, with the mottled, speckled greenish-blue hue over a base of coppery glaze, the bands of two-color striping and the wide panel of feathered slip decoration around its circumference. The interior of the lid and the pot are also glazed, but the bottom is dry, signed "Nafziger" in brown script, for which the potter uses a calligraphy pen dipped in iron oxide. His finger marks are visible both inside and out on the body of the jar. We've included a photo of the master potter at work.

Weighing 5 1/4 pounds with the lid, the jar measures 9 5/8 inches tall; with the lid on, it's 10 3/8 inches tall to the top of the knob. The widest point is about 8 inches across and 25 inches in circumference; the base is 5 1/2 inches in diameter while the distance across the upper rim is 7 inches. Both the jar and the lid are in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, flea bites or other signs of wear. (Any white spots are of course reflections of the lighting.)

This lidded stoneware jar by Mark Nafziger is a unique work of art, to be treasured now and always for its fine craftsmanship.

>>>>This link to Sauder Village has more information on Mark Nafziger:


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