Vintage Hand Made Pottery Fish Sculpture With Chop Mark and Signature

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  • Vintage item

This interesting studio pottery fish has multiple colors and surfaces. On the side with the cut-out round eye---there's just one--rough, dry white clay has a signature, indecipherable to us but shown in our photo. The reverse side, in pitted shades of gray, has a chop mark stamped into the clay.

The wide open mouth, curved almost into a smile, is painted inside in vibrant green that also shows through the single eye. The sculpture measures about 11 inches long, 1 3/4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high at the mouth and weighs one pound. It needs to lean against something else, like the back of a shelf or a stack of books (Moby Dick, anyone?) or be placed on a stand of some sort. It's in excellent unusual decorative piece of hand made pottery.


PYH 4942