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Polish Crystal Vase by Adam Jablonski Master Glass Artist

Adam Jablonski Art Crystal Vase, Poland, Artist Signed and Labeled
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This majestic mouth blown vase was made by Polish master glass artist Adam Jablonski. Born in 1936, he started his career in 1952 after earning a diploma in glass technology. He retired in 2010 and no longer produces his art crystal that has won 12 gold medals. His works have been purchased by kings, presidents and prime ministers from many countries, but he is particularly proud that his work was showcased at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, which purchased a collection of his art glass pieces. Mr. Jablonski holds many patents in art glass techniques and he has said that he earned his satisfaction from creating pieces that were very innovative and technically difficult.

This vase is 5 3/4 pounds of crystal in a soaring sculptural form 13 5/8 inches tall. Rising from a squoval base measuring 4 1/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches, the sparkling clear, colorless stem of the vase has an inner core in the shape of a miniature vase of violet crystal, surrounded by narrow vertical ovals of clear crystal in varying sizes. The base is twisted and has four vertical "corners" that extend into the upper portion of the vase, a gorgeous rose pink that ends in a thick, rolled, perfectly round mouth. (In our pictures, because one part of the rim is being photographed through the other, it appears rippled--but it is not.)

Mr. Jablonski etched his signature "A. Jablonski" on the bottom and the vase also bears the original oval label of gold foil with black printing: "Unique Crystal Jablonski Hand Made in Poland." All of his glass is 24% lead crystal and is always hand signed by him. The vase is in excellent condition, with a few small scratches on the bottom the only sign of wear (you can see them in photograph # 7). Highly coveted and classically elegant, this vase will become a family heirloom while it graces your home. 

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