Utah Carver and Author BILL HIGGINBOTHAM SIGNED Wood Carving

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Bill Higginbotham (1912-1994) was a self-taught professional wood carver known as "Whittlin' Bill," prominent for the delightful folk characters he carved. He authored four books on carving; we've pictured the cover of one of them titled "Folk Characters," published in 1985 and in excellent condition, that we'll include with the purchase of this carving. An Arts and Crafts teacher since 1956, he enjoyed displaying his carvings at schools as well as art shows.

In the book, there is a character named "Mr. Bucks," a businessman in his suit, tie and hat. We think this carving, made of a lightweight, light-colored wood, deserves a similar name. He's dressed in a jacket over a wide collared shirt and bright green checkerboard tie with a top hat on his head. Whittlin' Bill expertly used different intensities of stains and colors of paint to highlight various features. Carved in the round, this gentleman stands 11 inches tall, about 3 inches across his shoulders and weighs about 1/2 pound.

The signature in black on the bottoms of the feet include "Whittlin' Bill Higginbotham" and the date 11/77. The carving is in excellent condition, nearly 45 years old and a great collectible carving from an award-winning master carver. It's a superb gift for the collector or the aspiring wood carver.

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