Trinidad Art Pottery Wall Tile by Ajoupa Pottery

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This is a beautiful hand carved terracotta tile with a charming scene of a woman in a lavender dress leaning on the windowsill. Her turquoise cottage with black tile roof has white shutters and a rising sun over the window. It was hand made and hand painted by Ajoupa Pottery in Chickland, a village on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Ajoupa Pottery was founded in 1987 by Rory and Bunty O'Connor; they used locally dug clay and made all the pottery by hand, without molds. The theme of their terracotta pottery was local island life. Their stamp is impressed into the clay on the back.

The Ajoupa Pottery House, named Les Lilas (The Lilacs), is on the Heritage Asset Register, which is the official list of Trinidad and Tobago’s historic sites. Ajoupa Gardens, created by the O'Connors over many years, surround the house with lilacs and hundreds of tropical plants and trees. There's a cottage to rent on the property, like the one on the tile.

This tile is 6 1/4 inches from top to bottom and 6 inches wide. It weighs just under one pound and is in excellent condition, appearing never to have been used. The twisted wire hanger, looped through two pierced holes at the top, is as found; it can also, of course, be propped on a shelf or easel. It's a pretty, colorful piece of island folk art.

>>>This interview with Bunty O'Connor is fascinating:


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