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Tool Caddy With Forged Iron Trim

Tool Caddy With Forged Iron Trim

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* Antique Item

This handsome tool carrier is the nicest one we've ever found. Expertly hand crafted by some long ago carpenter, the caddy is extremely sturdy due to the round wooden handle inserted into each side, rather than fastened on top, and the forged iron strap fastened with many small screws on each end that braces the ends to the sides.

The thick pine used, complete with knotholes, is a lovely warm brown color; the grain has shrunk in the aging process creating ridges in some areas and also smoothing the surface so there are no snags or splinters. Measuring 32 inches long, it's 10 inches front to back and 11 inches high to the top of the iron strap. The carrier weighs a hefty 11 pounds and is in excellent condition, with no breaks or missing pieces.

We've displayed it with magazines; it holds thirty of them comfortably on each side of the handle as shown, with room for more if you wish. Pots of plants could also nestle in this tote, with plastic sheeting lining the bottom. Seashells, glass bottles, kitchen utensils in jars, rolled towels...the list is endless and this piece is large enough and long enough for it all.


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