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Stoneware, Large, Carved, and Textured Pot Signed Jens

Stoneware, Large, Carved, and Textured Pot Signed Jens
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This impressive hand thrown vase, shaped like a flower bulb, is made of a rough, speckled stoneware clay. The outside is carved in swirls and loops with a pitted texture that's glazed in random thicknesses in tones of rust, brown, cream and tan. The interior is glazed in cream with a pale greenish-blue tint. The narrow mouth atop a short neck was cut at an angle for an organic look. 

This is a large, heavy vase, measuring 10 inches tall with a circumference at the shoulder of 31 inches (about 9 inches across on one side), tapering down to a 3 inch round flat base. The piece weighs a substantial 5 1/2 pounds and is in pristine condition. The bottom is incised with the signature "Jens," which we've darkened with pencil in one of our photos to make it easier to see. We have not been able to identify the signature, though not from lack of trying! Most potters believe that you should admire and respect an excellent piece of hand made pottery without being concerned about the name of the maker. We think that's wise advice. This vase is beautiful with great presence and rustic modern style. 


PYH 4646

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