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Signed Still Life "Chianti Bottle with Fruit" on Canvas

Signed Still Life
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This painting is attributed to Violette de Mazia, (1896-1988), a French-born art professor who became the Director of Education at the Barnes Foundation in Pennsylvania. According to the Violette de Mazia Foundation, she did not sell her own paintings commercially but there are several we've seen for sale, with still lifes being a recurrent theme.

This painting, done in oils on canvas, is a beautiful still life of fruits and wine with an Italian flair. The chianti bottle, in its fiasco (straw basket), is particularly nicely done; glass is difficult to render well in a painting. The copper bowl with its touches of verdigris, the pears, the apples, the green leaves—they are all a part of this handsome work.

The signature, de Mazia, is on the bottom left; it's untitled by the artist. The frame is gold painted wood with an intermediate liner of black velvet, the nap of which is just a bit worn, and then an innermost fillet of very narrow gold painted wood. The frame measures 22 inches by 18 inches by 1 ½ inches while the actual visual area of the painting is 15 ½ inches by 11 ½ inches. It is all in great condition but for a few minor nicks to the frame.

This painting is wonderful for your dining room, living room kitchen or den and complements both formal and casual interiors.


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