Shamanic Ceremonial Carving Himalayan Wooden Demon Mask

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  • Vintage item

An old wooden mask of a fierce demon, this Nepali carving is a ceremonial one, used by tribal shamans. It has cut-out, bulging eyes and a grimacing mouth with a row of teeth on the bottom that ends in jutting fangs. The face is surmounted and surrounded by a sort of helmet or headdress with two horns on top. It has carved straps that meet in the middle of the forehead and curve around the bottom of the chin. The dark wood is lightweight, has a crusty patina and shows tool marks in many areas.

The mask measures 11 inches tall from the top of a horn to the bottom of the chin and is 6 1/4 inches across at its widest, Weighing 3/4 pound, it is in excellent condition. There is a small nail that's been added at the top of the back for hanging; there are also two tiny holes, one on each side, that could accommodate a fine wire, string, etc. A previous owner has added the letter t in white paint on the back. When we bought it, it was covered with the dust of ages. We removed a lot of it in the interest of cleanliness, but more has settled into the crevices. It does have an ancient appearance and is a dramatic mask that stands out alone or in a collection.


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