Sgraffito and Enamel Designs 1995 Modern Art Pottery Vase Signed

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This large vase sculpture was hand made of red clay in 1995, but has the decorative pizzazz of the 1950's. The shape is Atomic Age---angled, swelling and flat all at once. The body is enameled in glossy teal, outlined in flat black on the sides. The angular, stylized flowers and their stems, identical on each side, were cut into the surface using the sgraffito technique, revealing the red clay underneath. The three outlines of scattered leaves were also cut into the surface and filled in with the flat black. The scrolled handle is flat black, while the slanted, large oval lip with an oval mouth is red clay given a high gloss glaze. The effect of all this is striking---and one of a kind.

This vase weighs just over 2 pounds and measures about 11 inches tall. It's 9 1/2 inches across at the widest point and has an oval base 4 inches by 5 inches. The dry bottom is hand signed in black "Shadi" and dated 6/95. There is also a number 39 lower down, which may indicate this the potter's 39th piece. It's in outstanding condition, with no post-production damage and very little wear.

While we refer to this studio pottery piece as a vase, it is unglazed on the interior, so only dry or silk stems could be used. We think it is perfect as is, displayed as an eye-catching sculpture.


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