Sea Arch at Cabo San Lucas Oil Painting on Alabaster with Hand Made Wood Easel

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  • Vintage item

This original oil painting was done on a large, heavy slab of translucent alabaster. The seascape depicts the breathtaking natural rock formations, including the sea arch named El Arco, that stand in the waters at Land's End, at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, where the Sea of Cortez joins the Pacific Ocean. The scene is otherworldly, with even the seagulls appearing primeval.

The light glowing through the slab, the grainy texture and the natural colors inherent in the mineral (easily seen on the back of the painting in our photograph # 9) all add to the ambience of the picture. The slab was given a straight edge on the left side and on the bottom where it rests on the easel. The upper and right edges, however, are jagged and mimic the craggy rocks. The painting is by no means a miniature, measuring 12 ½ inches along the bottom and 14 ¼ inches long at the widest point. It's 10 inches tall at the uppermost point, about 3/8 inch thick and weighs 3 pounds 10 ounces. In excellent condition, it is signed lower left in red painted script (D. Loria?), followed by the date of 87.

The sturdy wooden easel, hand made of fir and notch-cut with leaf motifs, holds the painting perfectly, with a lip on front to keep it from slipping. In good condition, it is 13 ¼ inches tall, measures 7 inches front to back when fully open and is 9 ½ inches wide across the platform. The metal parts--the chain and the nails that hold it together--are rusty but intact. It weighs a mere 6 ounces and has a nice tawny patina to the unvarnished wood.

This beautiful painting with its accompanying easel is sure to be a focal point on your table, desk or shelf.


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