RS Prussia Antique Lidded Sugar Bowl - Carnation Mold, Red Mark

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This elegant sugar bowl was made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch in his factory in the city of Suhl in what was Prussia until 1945. Referred to familiarly as R.S. Prussia, his porcelains were influenced by the Art Nouveau style popular at the turn of the 20th century. As an example, the ornate handles on this lidded sugar bowl are reminiscent of the designs on Alphonse Mucha's famous posters. The mold used for this bowl is called Carnation, featuring blown out (raised) flowers along the upper and lower rims of the bowl. The bowl is decorated with lithographic transfers---which the company began using in 1900---of flowers and foliage in pink, green and yellow, while the lid has simple, hand painted floral designs in the same three colors. The bottom is stamped with the RS Prussia "red mark," with the green wreath and the red star. The word Prussia is printed beneath; at the outbreak of World War I, the factory was relocated to Tillowitz, Germany (now part of Poland) and the country of origin on the mark changed to Germany. Those porcelain pieces are referred to, naturally enough, as "RS Germany."

This sugar bowl measures 3 1/2 inches tall; with the lid on, it's 4 1/2 inches tall to the top of the knob. From handle to handle is 6 inches across and the piece sits on a 3 inch diameter base. The weight is a bit over 1/2 pound. The bowl has two chips, both fortunately on the "back" (less decorated) side. One is shown in our photograph # 7, just right of center on the ruffled upper rim. The other is on the inside of the upper rim; it's a flake about 3/8 inch long, located to the left of the one in the photo. It is not visible from the outside but definitely is from the inside. There is also a rough area on the very edge of the lid, which appears to be either a glaze miss or rubbing created over the last 100+ years. There is a fair amount of wear to the gilt trim, but there are no other chips, cracks or repairs. The colors are fresh and have little wear. It's a pretty piece for the porcelain collector and lovely to use.


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