Reclining Cubist Male 70s Jaru Sculpture

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  • Vintage item

This stylized nude figure of a reclining man was made by Jaru Art Products, Inc. in Culver City, California. Started in 1950 by Jack and Ruth Hirsh, the company name was formed by combining the first two letters of the owners' names. Initially they sold figurines and other art wares by various artists, which were identified with a paper label. When they began creating their own hand crafted works of art, they sometimes incised the word "Jaru" on the bottom of the piece. Their advertising included blurbs like " A Jaru Original...a hand crafted work of art from the design studios of Jaru Products, Inc...Each collection piece is exclusively designed by outstanding artisans to reflect the beauty of the pasr, the excitement of the present and the trends of the future..."

This large modernist sculpture has an impressed © on the bottom of the extended leg, followed by JARU and 1977. The nude male is leaning on his right elbow, hands clasped, both sitting and reclining, with one leg crossed over the other. The piece has flat, angular planes that are modernist and cubist. The glaze is a very high gloss deep cinnamon color. Measuring 17 inches in length, about 8 inches tall to the top of his head and 7 inches wide across the upper arms and chest, it's surprisingly heavy at 3 1/4 pounds. In excellent condition, with no cracks, chips or scratches, this sleek, modern artwork is a handsome statement piece.


PYH 4851