4718 Vintage Carl Roth Painting _full front view in Frame-4000 x 4751.jpg
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4718 Vintage Carl Roth Painting_ full front view no frame-3374 x 4527.jpg
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Oil Painting Bouquet of Tulips by Artist Carl Roth

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This small, pretty oil painting on canvas board was done by artist Carl Roth. The vivid colors of the tulips that are accompanied by small white flowers--vinca, perhaps--glow against the pale yellow background that's shaded with pale blue. The more closely you look at this painting, the more appreciative you are of how beautifully it's painted.

The two inch wide concave frame with a warm brown walnut finish has a gilt liner. Overall it's in very good condition, with a few dents to the wood but no color loss or corner separations. It measures 9 inches wide, 11 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches deep. The artwork size is 6 inches by 8 inches and is in fine condition. On the reverse is a tag from Art Associates of New York City, with Carl Roth's name handwritten. There are a few tears in the dust paper but it's otherwise intact. A small metal circle for hanging is attached at the top.

Information about this artist is sketchy; we have read that he was German, born in the late 1800's and died in 1949. We haven't been able to confirm this information, but we do feel this painting was done in the 1940's and, given the tag, that he worked in New York City at some point in time. It's an expertly painted, original oil that looks lovely alone or in a group of other artworks.

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