Nicaragua Pottery Sea Turtles Pot By Dina y Felipe Gutierrez

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This handsome pottery pot was hand made by husband and wife potters Dina and Felipe Gutierrez of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. Carved, painted and oven baked in the traditional style of the indigenous Nicoya people, this is a signature type of pottery from this village. Three carved and hand painted sea turtles--one blue, one ochre, and one a lighter shade of the same color--float around the bowl of the pot past clumps of green seaweed. The clay was glazed in pale beige and speckled all over with tiny dots of the same colors the turtles are painted with.

This art pottery pot weighs about 14 ounces, stands 4 1/2 inches high, measures about 6 inches across at its widest and has a 17 inch circumference. The mouth is 1 1/2 inches wide. The flat round base is glazed and is hand incised in script "Dina y Felipe Gutierrez Nicaragua." It's in excellent condition, with a tiny flake off one of the seaweed fronds (pictured) but no chips or cracks and only minor wear to the base.

Digna Mercedes Ampié, who signs herself Dina, was interested in ceramics at an early age. She married her last teacher, Felipe Gutierrez (pictured), and together they opened a pottery workshop. It's a family affair, as their children now help them in their studio. Their pieces are wheel thrown from the vast deposits of clay in the town that is nicknamed "A Village of Pottery." A revival of pottery making that began there in the 1970's has resulted in beautiful pottery like this pot.

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