Navajo Eagle Dancer - Pottery Plate - Signed Billie

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  • Vintage item

This large, heavy dished plate features an intricately painted Navajo Eagle Dancer in full costume. Wearing an eagle headdress and a pair of feathered wings, the bare-chested male dancer has on a type of breechcloth/apron, also decorated with feathers, and circlets of feathers on his legs above his moccasins. The Eagle Dance imitates the motions of the eagle, an important symbol of strength and wisdom.

The plate was first given a coat of pale creamy yellow paint (note that the color appears a brighter, deeper yellow in our photos due to lighting. On our monitor, photo #4 is the accurate shade.) The plate was then decorated in the terracotta color paint, including the dancer, the mountain peaks design around the rim, and completely covering the reverse side. It's signed by the artist "Billie" at lower right.

The plate measures 12 1/2 inches in diameter and stands 1 3/4 inches high on a 9 inch wide foot. It weighs about 5 pounds and is in very good condition. There is light wear to the paint in places around the rim that shows the cream paint underneath. There are two glaze flakes on the back and a few flakes off the cream paint above right of the signature (pictured), which reveal the whitish clay underneath. There are no chips, cracks or other damage. Beautifully painted, this plate makes an impressive display on a shelf, table or easel, where the artwork can be admired and appreciated.


PYH 4901