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Murano Vintage Glass Bowl, Fratelli Toso, Aventurine Gold Vortex Emerald Green Triangle

Murano Vintage Glass Bowl, Fratelli Toso, Aventurine Gold Vortex Emerald Green Triangle
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This stunning art glass bowl dates from the 1950's into the 1960's and was created by glass masters Fratelli Toso, founded by Pietro Toso and his six sons in 1854 in Murano, Italy. A seventh son, Ermanno Toso, joined the firm in 1924 and was the designer of this triangle shaped bowl. The clear emerald green glass face was filled with copper salts, which when added to the hot glass and then cooled created a glittering swirl of golden flecks that eddy down into the sunken center. This process is known as "avventurina" in Italian--aventurine in English--named after the accidental discovery of the technique, which happened "all'avventura" which means by adventure or chance. 

This bowl measures 7 inches long on one side and 9 inches long on the other two sides. (For those who are into geometry, this is an isosceles triangle.) It stands 1 3/4 inches high on a neatly sheared off triangular base about 2 inches on a side. It's heavy glass that weighs two pounds, two ounces. The base rim has one small chip, shown in our next to last photo, along with a few scratches and flea bites. The body itself has the expected tiny dark inclusions and bubbles of hand made glass. The bowl is in otherwise very good condition with no internal cracks or additional chips. Our price reflects the base chip. It's an eye-catching Murano glass piece that displays beautifully.

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