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Modernist Abstract Design Vintage Enameled Copper Bowl

Modernist Abstract Design Vintage Enameled Copper Bowl
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This jazzy copper bowl was hand formed with a rolled rim, then chased with rows and rows of round dimples using a hammer and punch. Next, it was covered with finely ground glass in vibrant colors of green, red and cream. Fired at about 1450 degrees, the glass particles fused to the copper to create the glossy, glowing enamel abstract pattern that resembles flames leaping up the interior sides. This bowl is solid copper, not plated; pure copper must be used in enameling for the glass frit to adhere properly. 

The bowl measures a bit over 5 inches in diameter, stands 2 inches tall and is in excellent condition with no dents, no damage and just a few minor scratches on the inside. The copper has acquired a darkened patina over time, which we chose not to polish, but it would be easily done.* We found no maker's mark or date, but we're attributing it to the 1960's. The white spots in the photos, of course, are from the reflected light--they're not really there. This bowl's a nice size to pair with other pieces or stand alone. 

*Please don't use salt and lemon--it scratches. Try a commercial polish such as Wright's Copper Cream instead.

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PYH 4517

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