Mannequin Style Vintage Articulated Santos Doll - Reproduction of a European Antique

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This is a beautiful vintage reproduction of an articulated Santos mannequin style doll. Santos, Spanish for “saints,” were carved and decorated wooden figures used as religious icons, principally for home altars in European countries. The originals, now very old and scarce, are highly coveted, prized for their history and folk art miens.

This lady Santo was hand crafted of wood, intended to look antique by aging and distressing the surfaces. She has a pale complexion, taupe body, pink lips and painted brown hair parted in the middle, with three spit curls on each side of her forehead. Her exposed ears are carved and her eyes are bright blue with black pupils. Each of her hands has five carved fingers, while her feet do not have carved toes. Her expression is saintly...a bit sad, yet very serene.

The doll is permanently attached to her 5 inch diameter round wooden platform with an iron rod. Her shoulders are attached with tiny screws set into roughly gouged out small holes. They have limited movement, while her elbows, hips and knees are all peg jointed and swing free. Her left arm, which is slightly longer, will stay extended when raised at the elbow, while the right arm will not.

The lady Santo stands 14 inches tall from head to toes and is about 3 inches wide across the shoulders. The overall height is 15 inches and with the stand weighs just over one pound. Both are in excellent condition, obviously well cared for and a lovely find.


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