Los Castillo Style MCM Mexico Bowl - Mixed Metals - Abalone

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This 1950's modern fish-shaped bowl was created with the art of metales casados (“married metals” in Spanish). We are describing the bowl as “Los Castillo style,” since it is unmarked. However, when compared to identical bowls that are marked, it's unmistakably from the talented metals artists of that Taxco, Mexico workshop. Founded in 1939 by Antonio Castillo and his four brothers, all trained in William Spratling's workshop, Los Castillo originated pieces that joined two or more metals with a method that used little to no solder.

This large shallow bowl is principally made of copper, with a thin layer of silver applied on the rim that is shaped like the fish's open-mouthed face. An applied circle of copper holds the blue glass eye set in prongs. The curved tail of the fish is silver, covered with a mosaic of abalone shell. The bowl sits on three ball feet, again a marriage of two metals, copper and silver.

Measurements of the bowl are 15 inches top to bottom and about 12 inches in width. It stands 2 3/4 inches high and weighs a hefty 3 pounds. The upper rim is slightly bent back at the center and there are a couple of minor creases in the copper, but there are no chips, breaks, cracks or missing pieces. It's in very good condition and displays handsomely, an eye-catching centerpiece and a very collectible piece of mid-century art.

>>Please note that we have not polished any of the metals, in deference to those who prefer an aged, darkened surface. If you choose to polish this piece, please consider using our favorite, Happich Simichrome Polish from Germany.

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