Kangaroos Playing Volleyball 1996 Washington Ledesma Large Terracotta Art Pottery Plate

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Internationally known artist Washington Ledesma was born in Uruguay and attended Montevideo's Bauhaus-inspired School of Fine Arts there. He immigrated to the United States in the early 1970's to New York City; he now has his home and studio in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Considered one of the most important Latin American artists in the US, he is a painter and a glass artist as well as a potter. His work has been exhibited at numerous art galleries and museums--in fact, he tells a story about being included in an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in 2014, where his fish painting hung beside three Rembrandts and he remarks, laughing, “My head was all the time, I get a complex of inferiority. My $4,000 fish and Rembrandts.” Mr. Ledesma is pictured in the last photo.

This large terracotta art pottery dish was hand painted in strong, vibrant colors after the figures and scenes were carved into the clay using the sgraffito technique. The kangaroo family is playing volleyball with a black/orange ball and and turquoise/navy one, both aloft; the tall 'roo on the right has its paws together in the classic bump position, while baby 'roo on the upper left is wearing a diaper. This sense of humor and fantasy imagery is characteristic of Mr. Ledesma's ceramics and paintings, while the large staring eyes are also a recurrent theme. The plate is hand signed on the back, incised with "A.P." {we're unsure what these initials mean}, followed by "W. Ledesma 96 ©".

The background color of this dish is a deep green, with layered shades of golf, orange, lavender and blue on the kangaroos. The piece is not flat but dished, standing 1 1/2 inches high. It's approximately 11 3/4 inches in diameter, being not perfectly round since it's hand made, and it weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces. On the back, there are two raised loops of clay with wire threaded through the holes for hanging, but of course this looks wonderful propped on a stand (our plastic one is not included) or flat on a table. This wall plate is in excellent condition, with a few marks of white paint on the back, probably from brushing against a wall. There are no cracks, crazing or chips--it's a striking example of Washington Ledesma's art.

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