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Italian Art Murano Glass Table Lamp Hand Blown - Lavender and Teal Swirls

Murano Glass Table Lamp Mid Century Modern Teardrop, Hand Blown / Lavender and Teal Swirls/ 1960's Italian Art Lighting
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This gorgeous translucent glass lamp was hand blown in the 1960's in Murano, Italy. Swirled with ribbons of teal and lavender that were not applied on the surface but blown into the glass, it's beautiful unlit and simply dazzling when glowing with light. The long graceful neck ending in a plump teardrop at bottom gives the lamp a very classic yet modern vibe. In excellent condition, it works perfectly and has its original harp and a brass finial that's a later replacement but it complements the base. The 7 1/2 foot long cord with an in-line switch is in very good shape, as is the plug; the lamp was probably rewired at some point in the past. The Leviton bulb socket is marked 660 W/250 V, which means that with a (now old-fashioned) incandescent bulb, you should not use higher than 60 watts. Naturally, halogen, CAD and LED bulbs can be used, also. We've shown a couple of different shades with it; neither one is included but they show how the lamp looks when it's complete.

The lamp base measures 15 inches high to the top of the bulb socket and 23 inches tall to the top of the finial. The base is 7 1/2 inches in diameter and the piece weighs a sturdy 3 3/4 pounds. Due to the shape, it is a very stable lamp on any surface---no wobbles. It's a sumptuously beautiful Italian lamp that's a focal point in any interior.

FYI: The vintage lamps we sell are all in working order when we ship them to you, but we do recommend that you have them checked out for long-term use by a licensed electrician, since we are not electrical experts.


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